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The Electric Straight Hair Comb is a quick-heating tool for dry hair, with 6 temperature settings suitable for different hair types. It straightens hair in 2 minutes, features anti-static technology, and has safety measures including heat insulation. Comes with a 360-degree swivel cord.


2400W High-Speed Hair Dryer with Blue Light Negative Ion Technology

Safe anti-hot insulation layer

30 minutes power outage

360 degree tail rotation

30 seconds speed hot

Hair Straightening Brush Video Example

Watch our Electric Straight Hair Comb heat quickly, adjust to 6 temperature settings, and straighten hair in 2 minutes. Features include anti-static technology, heat insulation, and a 360-degree swivel cord.

This Amazing Straight Hair Styler is a digital hot air brush that straightens any hair type within 2 minutes, effectively functioning as a hair straightener

20 heating layers at least, each layer seems a straightener separately

For kids too

This advanced straightening machine releases nano ions from its heating plate, forming a protective layer around your hair. Never worry about accidentally harming your child and let them experience the pleasure of straight hair!
Technology , which Releases Anion and Maintains Healthy Hair and Reduces the Damages.There are 23 iron comb teeth on the ceramic panel, you do not need to worry that the teeth will fall off or crack off.

200 C – 190 C for Heavy Curling Hair | 175 C – 160 C for Light Curling Hair | 145 C for Dyed Hair | 130 C for Soft Hair

Customer Reviews

The Electric Straight Hair Comb is a versatile styling tool suitable for dry hair. Its tourmaline ceramic conductor heats up in 30 seconds, offering 6 adjustable temperature settings between 130 and 200 degrees Celsius for different hair types. This straightener ensures smooth, straight hair in just 2 minutes. It features anti-static technology, 20 heating layers, and high-quality heat insulation flats for safety. It also includes a 360-degree swivel cord. Note: Suitable for users above 14 years and not for use in wet conditions. * Package includes one ceramic hair straightener comb.
    Security matters:
    1. Try not to hold the back of bristles, which would be very hot after heated, only to hold the brush handle
    2. Do not allow children under age of 14 to use this product in the absence of adults
    3. Never use it with wet hair, in the bathroom or any with water environment
    4. Prevent from knocking or high dropping the product; if any collision occur, stop using
    5. Prevent from deconstructing this product by yourself, and not to repair by yourself
    6. Get this product away from fire or external heating